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09/01/08 04:21 PM #1    

Randy Nelson

Welcome to the Tuscola High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/20/08 11:49 AM #2    

Randy Nelson

Hey, let's all come to the class reunion! 30 years is a long time looking at it from this side now. 30 years ago we looked at it from the other side. We didn't know where we would end up, nor did we ever think we would end up looking at it from this side. What have you guys done since then? Let us know what you think about the comming reunion. Look any of us up on the site and contact us. Sign in and give us some info.
See you there, Randy Nelson

10/15/08 06:56 PM #3    


Wanda Knapik (Vernon)

30 yrs WOW, where has the time gone? We haven't gotten that old, have we! Can't wait to see everyone. Hope all is doing well.

10/15/08 07:32 PM #4    

Dawn Greene (Harris)

30 years! Doesn't seem possible. We are old! Thanks to everyone that worked on this website. I think this is a great idea. I look forward to catching up with everyone.

10/19/08 07:01 PM #5    

Rene' Truitt (Meade)

This is a GREAT idea. Thanks to everyone involved in putting this together. You are awesome!

10/21/08 02:26 PM #6    

Sharon Clark (Ort)

This is great. A wonderful way to catch up with everyone. Most of you probably don't remember me because I was the quiet one! If you do, send me a message. Hope all is well with the Class of 79! We are old.....

11/17/08 03:54 PM #7    


Wanda Knapik (Vernon)


11/21/08 12:55 AM #8    

Howard (Otis) Jones

In response to Wanda's question, if you click on the movie, you get a pop-up page with all the photo images in slide show format. (You might need to override you pop-up blocker.)

01/04/09 05:04 PM #9    

Janice Swanger (Moffitt)

The website is GREAT! It may be 30 years but we still know how to have fun. Can't wait to see you at the reunion! If you are in Charlotte for a concert or ballgame, get in touch with us. See you in September!

01/28/09 06:58 PM #10    

Ricky Parton

I would love to play golf on the morning of the reunion. I know my golfing buddies(who are mostly classmates) would to.

01/29/09 09:21 PM #11    

Pam Underwood (Hartnett)

Terry Hartnett and Buddy Little would love to play golf the day of the reunion.

01/30/09 07:23 PM #12    

Steve Wyatt

I would love to play golf. THANKS Steve

02/04/09 08:28 AM #13    

Terri Rhinehart (Putnam)

Wow, 30 years where has time gone? Love to see everyone, it has been along time. Some has past on and the rest of us has just 'well' went differnt ways or been to busy. Hope I get to come to the reunion. This site is great.

03/14/09 11:28 PM #14    

Greg Presnell

Hey everybody. Hope all are doing well. Hard to believe it has been 30 years. I have really enjoyed this web site. Brings back alot of good memories. I would love to hear how everyone is doing, so please e-mail me it you get time. My wife and I plan to attend the reunion if our schedule allows.

03/25/09 06:33 PM #15    

Paul Cagle

I am interested in information about playing golf on the morning of the reunion. Please send me more information.

Paul Cagle

09/21/09 05:07 PM #16    

Jeff Medford

Hey Guys! Sorry I wasn't able to attend the reunion. I really wanted to see a lot of you guys. I'd love to hear from any of you...I've gotten over a lot of the **it I (and I guess all of us) was/were going through back then. My email address is and as Randy said...don't be bashful! Jeff

09/23/09 02:48 PM #17    

Vickie Kennedy (Motz)

OH...... MY...... GOSH!!! I had an absolute freaking blast w/ you guys! I wasn't sure how I would be recieved as I didn't thik anyone liked me in school. But then I didn't like myself. I will definately be at the next one for sure!! I know the red hair tripped up some of you. Some of you looked totaly different. Some were just an older version and some of you have gotten really good looking. I guess you grew into yourselves. I wish we didn't have to leave so early. I didn't get to talk to some of you.I guess I'll just have to talk to you through this site. Thanks for such a great experience w/ you guys! LATER!

09/23/09 09:50 PM #18    


Wanda Knapik (Vernon)

Thanks for keeping us posted on Tim's recovery. So glad to hear he is doing well.

09/24/09 02:51 AM #19    

Lynn Smith (Frazier)

Really sorry i missed the reunion i truly intended on coming sounds like you guys had a blast would have loved to see all of you,maybe next time.

09/30/09 04:25 PM #20    

Tim Freeman

Hello Classmates/friends,


I am doing great, went back to work on monday the 28th.
Will not require any surgery. Healing up the bruises.

I really apperciate all the help the night of the attack, you guys helped me so much and I cant thank you enough.

Im focused on the proscuting to the fullest extent of the law, the two thugs that attacked me.


Oh and by the way the reunoin was a blast,great to see everyone.

10/05/09 05:26 PM #21    


Wanda Knapik (Vernon)


Please send me info on ordering a CD of the reunion.


10/04/13 02:32 PM #22    

Howard (Otis) Jones

Have you guys given any thought to combining graduating class years into one reunion?

As an example, we entered THS fall 1976 so have direct contact with graduating classes 1977 and 1978. Each of our years, 1977-1979, a new class joined and included graduating classes 1980 and 1981. That makes a five year window of people we have shared high school experience with.

Anyway, just a thought as we get older and fewer...


06/14/24 09:35 PM #23    

Wayne Cole (Cole)

Class of '79 BBQ Social/45th Class Reunion, Friends, Family and Guest.

**NOTE: To make this work, we need 100 plus participants. That's why I am opening up to Class of '79, Friends, Family and Guest. So if you want to invite someone that graduated from Tuscola that's your friend, you are there sponsor.

We have scheduled the American Legion in Waynesville for our upcoming BBQ Social on Saturday August 10, 2024 from 3pm to 10pm. We will have a DJ (Lori McDonald) and Karaoke. We have to purchase alcohol, sodas or water from the American Legion.

Meat: Brisket/ Burnt Ends
Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken.

Baked Beans
Potato Salad

Banana Pudding
Chocolate Cake

Cost: $20 per person

***NOTE: Please message me back if you are coming for a night of fun, delicious BBQ food and visiting with our classmates and friends.

****NOTE: I've only had about 20 people sign up so far... Let's get the word out, this may be the last time we are together.


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